The Vishik Lab in UC Davis focused on the study of emergent electronic phenomena in quantum materials, including unconventional and high temperature superconductors, correlated electron systems, topological materials, and 2D materials.  We use both angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) and time resolved techniques in our work.   These advanced materials hold promise for revealing new emergent phenomena, elucidating interactions in many body systems, and enabling tomorrow’s electronics and energy resources.

Interested in being part of it? I am taking on new students in the 21-22 academic year. My contact info is here

Prof. Inna Vishik


Assistant Professor of Physics


Students and postdocs

Adam Gross (PhD Student).  BA Physics and Math, University of Pennsylvania, 2016

Kevin Fillhouer (PhD Student).  BS Physics, San Francisco State University, 2020; MS Physics, UC Davis, 2021

Robert (Bobby) Prater (PhD student). BS Physics, University of Nevada (Reno)

Sudheer Anand Sreedhar(PhD Student), BS and MS, Indian Institute of Science

Matthew Staab (PhD Student), BS Physics, BS Astronomy, University of Texas at Austin, 2019

Current Undergraduates:

  • Garrett Wilson (UC Davis)

Former members

  • Eliana Mann (Undergraduate, UC Davis)
  • Daniel Sivan Shulman (Undergraduate REU student; currently undergraduate at UC Berkeley)
  • Dr. Henrique Martins (Postdoc, Currently at LBNL/CMU)
  • Dr. Antonio Rossi (Postdoc, Currently at LBNL)
  • Dr. Jayita Nayak (Postdoc, Currently Assistant Professor at IIT Kanpur)
  • Jinglin Liu (Undergraduate, UC Davis; currently PhD student at Rutgers University)
  • Ben Gregory (Undergraduate, Pomona College, Summer 2017; Currently PhD student at Cornell)
  • Onel Hirmez (Undergraduate, UC Davis, 2017)
  • Chris Mason (Undergraduate, UC Davis, 2017)